How to discuss TextCare home monitoring with a loved one, after receiving a dementia diagnosis

When a loved one receives a dementia diagnosis, it can be daunting and emotionally overwhelming for both you and your loved one, together with family and friends. Each of you will have many questions and considerations for the current and future care of your loved one, including how you can maintain their independence for as long as possible.

One way of supporting your loved one’s independence, is by using a home monitoring system such as TextCare. Although they may perish the thought of being monitored in their home, it offers a number of great benefits and can ultimately enable your loved to stay living in their own home for longer.

In the early stages of dementia, you may both feel as though it is not necessary to use a home monitoring system, as your loved one may be coping well with their normal routines. But knowing your loved one’s routines can be crucial in being able to identify normal activities and patterns of behaviour when their dementia progresses. It will also help to give them a voice and communicate their needs when this becomes more difficult.

This invaluable information will enable you to set alerts to notify you and your family if anything out of the ordinary has happened, such as no movement in the morning when they are usually making a cup of tea. For this reason, we suggest installing TextCare as early as possible. It will also give your loved one some time to get used to the system and see how it can help them.

Elderly man living with dementia

As your loved one's dementia progresses, it is likely that you will become more fearful for your loved one’s safety when they are at home alone, and this is natural. However, if your loved one is currently very independent, they may prefer not to have worried family members checking up on them continuously. In fact, they may find it tiring and even inconvenient to be providing reassurance to you.

TextCare allows you to discreetly check on your loved one without being intrusive, simply by checking your private online portal. From here, you can gain peace of mind that your loved one is going about their normal routines as usual and all is well.

As dementia can reduce your loved one’s attention and concentration over time, it could mean that they will be increasingly likely to have a fall or an accident. TextCare empowers your loved one to contact you or another family member whenever they need to, simply by pressing a button. And the automatic fall detector means that even if they cannot reach a phone, you will be instantly alerted as soon as a fall is detected.

A really important feature of TextCare is that there are no cameras or listening devices used. This means that your loved one’s privacy and dignity are maintained. The online portal on which you view monitoring data from your loved one’s home is also private. So only people that your loved one knows and trusts will be able to view it.

A summary of the main points to remember:

  • Help will be there if and when your loved one needs it

  • TextCare’s automatic fall detector & alert based system ensures that help arrives quickly

  • Only people that your loved one knows & trusts will see their monitoring information

  • TextCare provides peace of mind for you, your loved and family

  • Privacy and dignity is always respected and maintained

Click here to download TextCare's brochure for people living with dementia.

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