10 signs it may be time to use a home monitoring system

June 15, 2017

Choosing to use a home monitoring system can understandably be a very difficult decision. You may feel like it is an invasion of your loved one’s privacy, or perhaps they are protesting to this point. Your loved one may also feel that they are losing their independence by allowing their home to be monitored. Or they could fear admitting that they cannot cope at home alone, as well as they once could. All of these scenarios can lead to tremendous feelings of guilt and ultimately cause you to question the whole idea of monitoring your loved one in their home.


Ideally, everyone would like to remain living independently in their own home for as long as possible. But as we become older, frail or develop dementia we inevitably become more susceptible to increased vulnerability. This can mean that we are at greater risk of having an accident or falling ill, often without anyone knowing about it until hours, if not days later.


TextCare home monitoring helps to minimise this risk by sending a text message alarm to family members or carers to alert them of such incidences. This enables a faster response to emergencies, which effectively helps to minimise prolonged suffering, hospital visits and negative impacts on health. Families also greatly benefit from having peace of mind that help will be there if their loved ones need it.



In any case, it is always best to install home monitoring technology before you reach the point of despair. TextCare can also help you to understand your loved one’s normal routines, which can assist you in setting-up the appropriate alarms. As capabilities decline, this feature can also become useful for planning what time homecare visits are received.


If your loved one has experienced any of the following, it may be a good indication that it is time to start using a home monitoring system.


  • A recent fall or increasing trips

  • Increased accidents around the home

  • Disorientation and confusion

  • Wandering out of their home at night

  • Forgetting that they have had visitors

  • A recent stay in hospital

  • Turning heating down too low or off


TextCare home monitoring technology can also significantly help to put your mind at ease. If you find yourself continually worrying about a loved one when they are on their own and have experienced any of the following, it could be the right time to start monitoring.


  • Calling your loved one by phone or stopping by their home frequently to check on them

  • Being unsure about whether your loved one is eating and drinking regularly

  • Concerns about their mental, physical or emotional wellbeing


Before installing any home monitoring technology, please discuss it with your loved one to ensure that they are happy with everything.


If you would like to discuss your concerns and see how TextCare can help you, contact us today.

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