10 benefits of using the TextCare home monitoring system that you may not know

TextCare is much more than just a home monitoring system. It has a range of features that can help you to solve a variety of problems and ultimately improve the wellbeing of both you and your loved one.

We’ve put together 10 benefits of using TextCare to help you identify areas where the system could help you further. These may also help you when discussing using TextCare with other concerned family members and friends.

1. One of the main purposes of TextCare is to give families and friends peace of mind that all is well with their loved one when they are at home alone.

Unfortunately it is not always possible to spend as much time with our loved ones as we would like, or perhaps that they might need in order to keep them living safely. TextCare provides an easy way to check in on your loved ones whenever you want to, from wherever you are. Of course, TextCare should never be used to replace human contact. In a recent report by Age UK, they recommend that people should be focusing on socialising together with learning new skills in order to improve brain health.

2. Most importantly, TextCare can help your loved one to live independently in their own home for longer.

The majority of us would prefer not to leave our own home and move into residential care. However, if a person has become more vulnerable or their vulnerability is increasing, it can be a greater risk to their safety to continue living alone. TextCare can help family and friends to keep an eye on things, monitor any changes in abilities and make informed decisions about the future care of their loved ones.

3. TextCare allows you to keep an eye on your loved one from any location and at any time.

This means that even if you are on holiday or working in another country you can check your online portal to see if all is well with your loved one. All you will need is access to the internet.

4. TextCare gives you the flexibility to decide who receives text message alerts and reports.

Up to eight mobile phones can be registered to your system to receive text messages and these can be easily changed at any time. This is ideal if you are going away on holiday and will not be able to respond to any emergencies. Simply add a trusted neighbour or friend’s phone number into the system to enable them to receive warning alerts.

5. TextCare can indicate that your loved one is unwell.

Simple, 24-hour graphs make it easy to understand your loved one’s routines, so that when something out of the ordinary occurs, you will recognise it as such. For example, if you see that they have taken overly frequent trips to the bathroom or that they are up a lot in the night, this could be something that you raise with your loved one’s doctor.

6. TextCare can help to take away the guesswork.

It can be difficult to know what is happening in your loved one’s home when you are not around. TextCare can help to fill in the gaps when your loved one can’t. If you suspect that something is happening, TextCare can help to provide you with evidence of it. Such as, opening electrical cupboards or medicine cabinets that shouldn’t be opened or turning the heating off.

7. TextCare can indicate that your loved one is eating and drinking regularly.

If you are concerned that your loved one is forgetting to keep themselves nourished and hydrated, TextCare can help to prove this. This can then help you to determine whether your loved one would benefit from a food delivery service such as Meals on Wheels, or a homecare visit at meal times.

8. TextCare enables you to discreetly assess your loved one’s capabilities.

As your loved one’s vulnerability increases, for example they have become less steady on their feet or their dementia worsens, living alone can become more risky. TextCare enables you to discreetly monitor their patterns of behaviour to ensure that they are still living safely. For example, you may notice that they are forgetting to put lights on once the sun goes down or when they get up in the night. This can be a serious trip and fall hazard but it could be rectified by installing automatic light sensors.

9. TextCare can indicate that your loved one is caring for their wellbeing.

When your loved one is living alone, you want to know that they are continuing to look after their wellbeing both physically and mentally. TextCare can show you if they are making regular morning and nightly trips to the bathroom to take care of their personal hygiene. You will also be able to obtain an indication of whether your loved one is mentally stimulating themselves throughout the day. High sound levels can indicate that they are watching TV or listening to the radio or even having a conversation with a visitor.

10. TextCare enables you to monitor care services.

If your loved one is becoming forgetful, has dementia, or becomes confused about visits, TextCare visitor sensors are the ideal solution. By providing care providers, cleaners and friends with visitor sensors, you can track who has entered your loved one’s home and how long they stayed for. This is particularly beneficial if you are paying for services.

View and download our Online Portal Guide for more helpful tips on how to make the most of your system.

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