If the person you are monitoring is disabled or chronically sick, they may be eligible for VAT relief. Please visit the HMRC website to check VAT eligibility. If you would like to claim VAT relief, please contact us to complete the sale. 

TextCare Pendant Sensor

TextCare Pendant Sensor

If your loved one has become more vulnerable or unsteady on their feet, TextCare's Pendant Sensor can help to ensure that help will be there quickly in an emergency. 


The Pendant Sensor can be carried in a pocket or worn as a necklace and will automatically detect if your loved one has fallen over and instantly send you a text message alert. It also has a panic alarm button, which when pressed by your loved one will also send you a text message alert. Text message alerts can be setup to send to up to eight mobile phones so that family, friends and neighbours can help in an emergency, giving added peace of mind. 


If you are worried that your loved one may forget to use their Pendant Sensor without you knowing, the built-in movement sensor can help to put your mind at ease. Simply check the graph on your online portal for movement, or setup a text message alert to notify you of no movement. 


The Pendant Sensor must be used in conjunction with a Main Sensor, which is the hub that sends text alerts and updates together with data to your online portal. The Main Sensor will also enable you to monitor movement, temperature, sound and light in an entire living area, such as a living room. This can give you peace of mind that your loved one is following their normal routines and all is well. 


You can add up to eight additional sensors to the Main Sensor but please bear in mind that this is the total number of additional sensors that you can add and will include Room, Pendant and Door Sensors.


*Sensors are not waterproof and so should not be used while showering/bathing.