Occupational Therapists

Occupational therapist discussing TextCare home monitoring with a client

TextCare enables Occupational Therapists to accurately identify patterns of behaviour and deliver effective management strategies.

The assessment challenge...

Obtaining accurate information from clients about their routines and capabilities at home can be a challenging process. Your clients may find it difficult to relay factual information to you, or they simply may not feel comfortable in doing so. Generally, families and carers know the person best and can provide invaluable information required for assessment. However, there are times and situations when they may be unsure of what your client’s routines are and how well they are actually coping.

What impact does this have on you and your clients?

This can mean that there are inconsistencies between what clients and their families and carers say and what is actually happening in their home. Ultimately, this information can prevent you from delivering the most effective person-centred management strategies.

How can TextCare help you?

Using discreet sensors, TextCare enables you to monitor your client’s activities and routines in their homes 24-hours a day, without using cameras or listening devices. This ensures that objective evidence of activities, routines and capabilities is gathered in a safe, non-intrusive way that helps to support independence at home. 








Data from the TextCare monitoring system is uploaded every two minutes to a private online portal, allowing you to see real-time activities on simple graphs. The portal can be used as a practical capability assessment tool, where you can easily identify patterns of behaviour and highlight areas of concern. This ensures that you can put effective management strategies in place, together with extras such as equipment and other assistive technologies.

TextCare home monitoring online portal for monitoring routines and patterns of behaviour

Simple graphs

Viewed on any device

24-hour real-time reports

Peace of mind for families

Worried family members can sometimes be overbearing on their loved ones and even prevent them from being able to live independently. However, living alone can present more challenges and potential dangers for someone who is vulnerable, so it is easy to understand why. Whether their vulnerability is a result of a learning disability, dementia, age or a recent hospital stay, TextCare can help to give families peace of mind that their loved ones are safe and well. 

Reassurance anytime, anywhere

TextCare gives families the flexibility to receive alerts and reports that address their own concerns together with meeting their loved one’s capabilities. Alerts are sent instantly to up to eight mobile phones as soon as anything out of the ordinary happens, or if their loved one is deviating from their normal routines. This facilitates a faster response to emergencies and problems that need solving.

With real-time monitoring data available on a private online portal, families can keep an eye on their loved ones from any location and at any time. This is particularly beneficial if they live far away or are unable to check in on their loved ones as much as they would like. TextCare also enables families to monitor care packages and ensure that carers are visiting when they should be and staying for as long as they are needed.

TextCare does not require a phone line or an internet connection in the home that is being monitored. It is easy to set-up and simple to use. 

Caring for elderly relatives with TextCare home monitoring

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