Installation & set-up

TextCare can be installed quickly and easily, and setting it up is simple. To get you up and running smoothly, read our instruction guides below.

TextCare has been designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind. To ensure that TextCare can be used in any home, the person being monitored will not need an internet connection or even a phone line.


TextCare works like a mobile phone and will have a giff gaff SIM card pre-inserted. All you will need to do iis send a text to the main unit and you phone is now registered to the system

Simply follow the instructions in the User Manual. 

We supply Velcro Sticky pads for sensors to be attached to walls, doors and other surfaces. You can also place the Main Sensor and Room Sensors on a level surface, to avoid using sticky pads.


The room sensors must be placed at a height that will capture movement.

User manual

View and download here

Quick set-up guide

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Guide to reading your online portal

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Troubleshooting guide

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