How does TextCare work?

Elderly father and daughter viewing TextCare home monitoring online portal on an iPad

Are they moving around as usual?

Is their home too hot or cold?

Is the TV or radio on or anyone speaking?

Have the lights been switched on or off?

Have they wandered out of the house?

Has a carer or friend visited?

Have they fallen over and need help?

Text message alarms

If something out of the ordinary occurs such as an accidental fall, a drop in room temperature or if the panic alarm has been pressed, TextCare immediately sends you a text message alarm so that you can take action to help your loved one. Alarms can be pre-defined by you and set-up at any time via text message or by using your TextCare online portal.

Updates on demand

For an instant update on your loved one, such as to see if they are out of bed and moving around, simply send a report request via text message to your TextCare monitoring system. You will then receive activity levels for each area that is being monitored, straight to your mobile phone. This information can be used to determine whether normal routines are being followed. You can also receive this information in a scheduled daily report, which can be sent to up to eight phones.

Online monitoring and assessment

Your TextCare online portal provides you with a clear picture of your loved one's activities in their home, on simple, 24-hour graphs. Information from your monitoring system is uploaded every two minutes to your portal, to ensure real-time viewing.


Past data is stored so that you can easily look back and asses your loved one's routines and capabilities over time. This will enable you to determine the best time for any homecare visits that may be required. It will also help you to configure alarms to meet your loved one's needs and any changes in their capabilities.

TextCare home monitoring online portal demo

Watch the video below to see just how easy it is to monitor your loved one's routines, using the TextCare online portal.

How do we make this all happen?

TextCare has a built in mobile phone system that uses a sim card to send text messages to up to eight registered phones, and monitoring data to the online portal. The system requires minimal phone credit and means that your loved one does not need a phone line or an internet connection. We supply a pre-inserted giffgaff SIM card, which should need no more than a £5 credit top-up each month, which you can set to recur. This makes TextCare one of the most cost-effective home monitoring systems available.

Learn more about top-ups and sim card usage on our FAQs page.

TextCare home monitoring allows you to discreetly and easily keep an eye on your loved ones from any location, 24-hours a day.


TextCare's monitoring range

The Main Sensor is the hub of the TextCare home monitoring system. It can be used on its own or with up to eight additional sensors. Any combination of sensors can be used to meet your loved one's needs and abilities.

TextCare Main Sensor for monitoring movement, temperature, sound and light in one entire room

The TextCare Main Sensor is an all-in-one monitoring system for movement, temperature, sound and light, so you can monitor an entire living area with just one device. It also acts as a hub for adding additional sensors and has an emergency help button.

Main Sensor
TextCare Room Sensor for monitoring multiple rooms around the home

TextCare Room Sensors can be placed in up to eight additional areas that you would like to monitor. This will create a clear picture of your loved one's daily routine, making out of the ordinary events easier to identify.

Room Sensor
Pendant Sensor

When a Pendant Sensor is carried or worn by your loved one, it will detect if they have fallen over and send you an alarm text immediately. It also has a panic button, which will send you an alarm text when it is pressed.

TextCare Pendant Sensor, fall detector and emergency alarm
Door Sensor

A Door Sensor can be used on any door that you would like to monitor. For example, place on a front door if you are worried about your loved one wandering, or on a fridge door if you suspect that they are forgetting to eat.

TextCareDoor Sensor for monitoring any door and wandering prevention
Visitor Sensor

Visitor Sensors are automatically detected by your monitoring system. The time that it arrives and leaves the home will be logged to your TextCare online portal. Unlike visitor cards, there is no need to remember to swipe or tap in and out.

TextCare Visitor Sensor for detecting when a carer has visited. Ideal for people who are living with dementia or experiencing memory decline

Protecting your loved one's privacy

The discreet monitoring that TextCare provides allows you to care for your loved ones without invading their privacy. Camera based monitoring systems can be very intrusive and telecare call centres may seem impersonal. With TextCare, your loved one can feel assured that their dignity will be maintained and that only people that they know and trust will be contacted should something happen. All communication between the TextCare home monitoring system and your TextCare online portal is encrypted for additional privacy and security.

Never be in the dark again

As TextCare is battery backed, there is no need to worry about mains power failures. The monitoring system will continue working for more than two hours should there be a power cut. Plus, alarm texts are sent to the main carer's phone when the power has been off for one minute, and when the batteries are low, ensuring total peace of mind.

Happy eldery father with dementia enjoying time with his son at home