Frequently asked questions

I'm not very technical, will I be able to use TextCare?

TextCare is easy for anyone to use, regardless of their technical ability. Neither a phone line or internet is required as the system works using mobile phone technology. Your TextCare Main Sensor will arrive with a pre-inserted SIM card, so that you can start using the system straight away.

Will I have to pay for the monitoring system to be installed?

You will not need to hire an expert to install the TexCare hoem monitoring system. No wiring or drilling is required, simply attach the sensors to suraces using the supplied Velcro sticky strips, or place on a level surface such as a shelf.
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Do you charge a monthly fee?

£18.00 per month covers portal access & all text messages

Are there any running costs?

We supply a GiffGaff SIM card with the Main Sensor, Textcare keeps this topped up to enable you to to view the portal remotley and allow alert messages to be sent to your designated phones. For £18.00 per month you will have the peace of mind that your loved one is safe.

Can I use a different SIM card from another network provider?

If you find for any reason the supplied SIM (Which uses the O2 network) does not provdide coverage please contact us to discuss available options.

Can I view TextCare from anywhere in the World?

You can view TextCare from anywhere at any time as long as you have access to the internet. You can also receive text message alarms as long as you have mobile phone signal. Please note, TextCare can only be installed in properties in the United Kingdom.

Will I need strong phone signal?

If you choose to use the supplied GiffGaff SIM card, you will need to have O2 coverage in the area that the TextCare monitoring system is installed.

What happens if the phone network goes out?

If phone signal is lost, you will not receive text messages and data will not upload to your online portal. However, the system will continue to monitor and the data will be backfilled when signal is regained.

What will happen if there is a power cut?

If there is a power outage, the TextCare monitoring system will continue to work for at least two hours, and if enabled, a text message alarm will be sent to inform you that the power has failed. As soon as the power is restored, everything will be back up and running.

How long do the batteries last in the sensors?

The batteries in the Room, Pendant, Door and Visitor Sensors will typically last for nine months to a year with continual use. Each sensor's batteries are continually monitored and can be viewed on your TextCare online portal. A low charge will also be reported by text message. Batteries can be easily replaced when required, instructions can be found in the User Manual.

How many additional sensors can I use?

The Main Sensor can be used in conjunction with eight additional sensors of any combination e.g. 5 x Room Sensors, 2 x Door Sensors and 1 x Pendant Sensor. Any number of Visitor Sensors can be used with your TextCare monitoring system.

Can alarms be sent to more than one phone?

Yes, up to eight phones can be registered for family and friends to receive the same reports and alarms.

Who makes TextCare and how do I know it is reliable?

TextCare is manufactured by Creek View Electronics Ltd, at their headquarters in Essex, UK. Creek View have decades of experience in the manufacture of electronic products, and ensure very high quality standards.

Does TextCare come with a warranty?

Yes. There is a 12 month warranty that covers any manufacturing defects. In the unlikely event that you do experience a problem with any part of your TextCare monitoring system, please contact us and we will do our best to put it right.

Do the Room Sensors flash?

The Room Sensors do not flash. The Main Sensor screen will stay on but it will only illuminate when the button on the front is pressed. So it is relatively unnoticeable.

Can TextCare be installed outside of the UK?

No. TextCare will only work when it is installed in the United Kingdom.

Who receives text message alarms?

Text message alarms are sent to family and friends of the person being monitored. There are no call centres involved. Up to eight mobile phones of your choice can receive alarms.

Who monitors the system and activity?

Family and freinds are responsible for monitoring activity on a private online portal, which only they can view. Health professionals may also like to view the data to help with assessments.

Daughter caring for her elderly mother who is living in her own home with TextCare