Elderly man being receiving homecare from a friendly carer

For domiciliary & homecare

TextCare takes the guesswork out of homecare; enabling care services to be tailored to meet individual needs more accurately.

With demand for social care increasing rapidly as a result of an ageing population, and local authorities struggling to foot the bill, preventing vulnerable people from entering into full time care is becoming increasingly critical. It is not just a matter of monetary significance however, helping to keep vulnerable people in their own homes ensures that their independence and wellbeing are preserved for as long as possible.

With safety being a top priority and a lack of suitable alternatives, full time care is sometimes considered the only option. TextCare home monitoring is an effective, low-cost solution that provides vulnerable people with the support that they need to remain in their own homes for longer. TextCare also provides families with peace of mind that their loved ones are safe in their homes and that help will be there if they need it.

When homecare services are required, it can be difficult to determine the frequency and type of support that will be the most beneficial, particularly when the vulnerable person is having trouble communicating their needs. TextCare enables homecare providers to discreetly monitor activities within the home so that a clear picture of their routines and capabilities can be obtained.

Monitoring data from TextCare is viewed on a private online portal, where 24-hour reports can be easily interpreted and used for these individual assessments. This allows homecare providers to adapt and plan their services to meet changing needs over time. It can also be an effective means for helping families to decide when it is time to consider moving on to a higher level of care.

Why choose TextCare?

Monitor activities and wellbeing with real-time reports

Deliver more accurate capability assessments

Bring evidence and transparency to care planning

Adapt homecare services to meet individual needs

Reduce overcare, save valuable time and money 

Why use TextCare?

Activities, routines and wellbeing can be continuously monitored with 24-hour, real-time reports.

Accuracy of capability assessments will be enhanced. 

Evidence and transparency can be brought to care planning.

Homecare services can be adpated to meet individual needs.

Overcare can be reduced, saving valuable time and money.

People with dementia will have an aid to help communicate their needs.

Ultimately, independent living can be effectively supported by homecare providers. This will allow families to receive peace of mind that their loved ones are safe and well.

TextCare Home monitoring technology and the Mental Capacity Act

TextCare has been designed to support people to live independently and safely in their own homes for longer. The home monitoring system does not use any cameras or listening devices, which ensures that people are able to maintain their privacy and dignity whilst being monitored.  However, as with any monitoring technology, installing and using TextCare could still present some ethical considerations for the person being monitored. 


The decision to use TextCare should always be given to the individual who will be monitored. When an individual lacks the mental capacity to make their own decisions, the Mental Capacity Act (MCA) will come into force.

The MCA says that health and care professionals should always assume that an individual has the capacity to make a decision themselves, unless it is proved otherwise through a capacity assessment. Where someone is judged not to have capacity to make a specific decision (following a capacity assessment), that decision can be taken for them but it must be in their best interests. Individuals must be given help to make decisions themselves.

To find out more about the Mental Capacity Act and how it transfers to the use of TextCare home monitoring technology, click here.

Proactive wandering detection

Many people with dementia or Alzheimer’s have a tendency to wander, which can pose a serious threat to their safety. Confusion and disorientation can commonly occur even in familiar places and inhibit their ability to remain out of dangerous situations.


TextCare continuously monitors for movement within the home so that any unusual occurrences, such as movement during the night can be identified and reported. With the addition of TextCare’s Door Sensors, carers can be notified immediately of a suspected wandering.

In an emergency, the speed of response can make the difference between a minor injury and a serious trauma. Without any way of raising an alarm, a vulnerable person could be left in pain and suffering alone for hours before help arrives. This can have severe consequences on their health and cause them to lose confidence, become withdrawn and feel as though they have lost their independence.


TextCare’s Pendant Sensor detects falls and sends an instant text message alarm to the carer, so that immediate action can be taken to help prevent further injury or suffering. In addition, a help button on both the Pendant Sensor and Main Sensor make calling for help in an emergency fast and simple for a vulnerable person.

Faster emergency response