Care professionals

TextCare helps care professionals to provide enhanced person-centred care services, that support independent living for longer.

We believe that every vulnerable person should be provided with the right support to help them live independently in their own home. Working together with care professionals, TextCare helps to ensure that care services and reablement strategies are tailored to meet individual needs, by providing objective evidence in assessments. This also facilitates the planning and adaptation of care services over time to meet future needs and capabilities.

By monitoring patterns of behaviour in a safe and non-intrusive way, and providing services that reflect individual requirements, vulnerable people are empowered to live independently and safely in their own homes for longer.

Free trial

To support you in your decision to use TextCare, we are offering registered care professionals and organisations a free trial. The trial period will be arranged with you to meet your needs. Contact us to find out more

Helping to deliver person-centred care

When a person is living alone with dementia, a learning disability or mental illness, it can be difficult to obtain accurate information about how well they are coping at home. This can compromise objectivity in assessments of capabilities and care requirements, which can ultimately effect the level of person-centred care that people receive.

TextCare provides a safe, non-intrusive way of obtaining information about a person’s patterns of behaviour, so that care services can be tailored to meet each individual’s needs, and any overcare reduced. This also means care professionals can plan and adapt services over time to meet any changes in requirements and abilities. Using the TextCare home monitoring system to capture information in this way ensures that people are able to carry on living independently and with privacy and dignity.

Bringing evidence to reablement assessments

A loss of abilities as a result of a hospital stay, injury, age or circumstance can severely impact a person’s confidence and increase their vulnerability when living alone. Effective reablement strategies can therefore be critical to ensuring that vulnerable people are able to remain living independently and safely in their own homes.

TextCare enables care professionals to monitor progress during reablement by providing clear evidence of their client's or patient's routines and capabilities. Monitoring data that is captured from within their homes is uploaded by TextCare to a private online portal every two minutes, for real-time viewing on simple graphs. This enables care professionals to see when someone is following or deviating from set routines, which can support goal based assessments.

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