About TextCare

TextCare was developed by Alun Jones so that he could keep an eye on his elderly father, who was living alone with dementia.

As Alun's father became frail and his memory slowly declined, Alun was becoming increasingly worried about his father's safety and wellbeing at home. It was important to both Alun and his father that he continue living in his own home for as long as possible but Alun also needed peace of mind that should anything happen he would be able to help straight away.

The only product available to Alun’s family at the time was a help call pendant, however this proved very unhelpful to his father. In the early days of his dementia, Alun’s father felt that he didn’t need it and so wouldn't use it. Then as his memory deteriorated, he became unable to use it as he couldn’t remember what it was.

Alun wanted the ability to check on his father 24/7 and make sure that everything was OK in his home. Visiting several times a day simply wouldn’t be enough and would not be practical with work and family commitments. So Alun used his experience within the communication and living aids industry to develop TextCare, a device that would provide anytime access to information about his father’s activities and wellbeing.

TextCare is now being used by many families to help care for their elderly relatives and loved ones with dementia.

TextCare is focused on developing products to support independent living for vulnerable people. Our discreet monitoring system affords privacy and dignity to the person being monitored, yet offers 24/7 information to those who care for them, giving reassurance and peace of mind to all concerned.

Alun Jones has been working in the communication and living aids industry for over 25 years, designing practical solutions to enhance the wellbeing of others. These have included devices for people with little or no speaking ability and home and environmental control systems for the disabled. Other developments have included communications systems which have been used by the armed forces and emergency services.